The Storyteller

Photo on 2012-09-15 at 07.14

Maria Eva Russo

Born and bred in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maria Eva studied Fine Art, and later, Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires. Her professional career started as a set and costume designer, however, her curious nature allowed her to explore other disciplines such as Photography, Mural and Fresco, Etching, 3D Design and Fashion. In 1999, Maria Eva left Argentina to travel, live and work in various countries of Latin America and Europe pursuing her endless passion for art, design and culture. Since 2002, Maria Eva has lived in Brighton, UK, where she is currently working as a Textile Research Assistant at University of Brighton. In 2011, Maria Eva undertook an MA in Sustainable Design in which she explored the research theory and practice of design, with the qualities of social, economic and environmental change, producing a fine range of projects that embrace sustainable culture.

“Culture is core to sustainability. Therefore, most of my projects are based on observing, interacting and working in situations of interest alongside their protagonists. This greatly empowers the researches and enriches my life.”




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